Senior journalist Om Thanvi calls Amish Devgan an ‘illiterate’ after fresh TV debate on Adipurush characters

A TV debate has been started by anchors like Amish Devgan and Rubika Liaquat about the looks of the character Ravana and Hanuman in the film Adipurush. The issue of latest debate being made in the country at this time is about the film Adipurush, there is a big uproar about the characters shown in it.

Mukesh Ambani’s channel News 18’s well-known anchor is explaining how the appearance of Hanuman ji was. What Hanuman ji used to wear. The anchor says, “How was the form of Bajrangbali? You do not need to do research for this. Its complete information is recorded in Hanuman Chalisa.”

Senior journalist and editor Om Thanvi retweeted the Amish’s tweet, “Namaskar, Jai Bajrang Bali”? What a wonderful journalism. And ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ has become an authentic document for his source of information! Someone has rightly written, illiterate journalists are blooming there these days.”

Senior journalist Om Thanvi calls Amish Devgan an ‘illiterate’

On this half knowledge of Amish Devgan, Twitter user Atul Kumar Seth writes, “Amish you need to do research. Hanuman ji was born in Tretayuga and Hanuman Chalisa was written by Goswami Tulsidas in the sixteenth century of Kaliyuga. In such a situation, the form of Bajrangbali described in Hanuman Chalisa is an imagination of Tulsidas ji.”

Now check out this one tweet below. This video clip is old and is from Amish Devgan’s show Aarpaar running on News18. In this clip, Amish Devgan is showing his ‘bhakt’ knowledge saying, “There was no greater devotee of Hanuman ji than Bajrang Bali.” Along with this, he is also narrating a quartet of Ramayana, “Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari Dravhun so Dashrath Ajar Bihari”. “No devotee of Hanuman ji greater than Bajrang Bali”, such knowledge can only be given to the public by an anchor like Amish.

People do not even feel cheated in debates like religion, caste, religion, Ravana, Hanuman, Ram. Do they know that these TV people are not saving Hindu religion. P PMublic also has to understand that when a woman in any state of the country gives birth to a child on the road in the absence of an ambulance, then how much these TV people open their mouths.

While one of the cheetahs brought by the Prime Minister is in the process of delivering a baby at the Kuno park, it is being given night and day coverage. Now instead of talking about unemployment, hunger, a new issue has come up, in the form of Adi Purush, anchors who take government money and gifts are carrying it. People’s clothes are being torn but who cares?

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