Senior journalist Mrinal Pande shuts down Rubika Liyaquat who asked Swara Bhasker “where are Hindutva fighters?”

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker had mentioned the Taliban as well as Hindutva terrorism in one of her tweets. Swara Bhasker had come under the target of right-wing people for this tweet. News anchor Rubika Liyaquat also tried to score some Twitter points by targetting Swara Bhasker on Twitter. Replying to the actress’s tweet, Rubika Liyaquat wrote, “Hindutva Terror! Where are the fighters? Show the terrorists walking with rocket launchers, machine guns. Please tell the law written in Sanskrit or Hindi, where women are banned from going out without a veil. Well, you just show the Muslims running away from India.”

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Instead Rubika Liyaquat herself came under the target of people for her reply tweet to Swara Bhasker. From famous journalist, Mrinal Pandey to comedian Rajiv Nigam and social media users also left no stone unturned to respond to Rubika Liyaquat’s tweet. Senior journalist Mrinal Pandey gave a befitting reply to Rubika’s tweet by sharing two pictures.

While one of the photos shared by Mrinal Pandey was related to Jamia, in the other picture a woman was seen shooting at an effigy of Mahatma Gandhi. Sharing these photos, Mrinal Pandey wrote, “Here it is. Anything else?” On the other hand, Rajiv Nigam also took a jibe at Rubika Liyaquat.

Taking a jibe at Rubika Liaquat’s tweet, Rajeev Nigam wrote, “You are a true Hindu sister, get sometime to meet your elder sister Pinky Chaudhary.” Journalist Ravindra Gautam while targeting Rubika Liyaquat wrote, “Don’t you know that big crime starts with petty theft, assault. Is it not a part of terror to ask to chant Jai Shri Ram creating fear by the mob? “

On the other hand, social activist Amit Mishra, commenting on Rubika Liyaquat’s tweet, shared a photo of Suresh Chavhanke, in which he was seen with a gun in his hand. Sharing this photo, he wrote, “He calls himself a journalist. He is holding a gun instead of a pen in his hand.”

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