Senior journalist Ajit Anjum takes a brutal dig at Aaj Tak after Sudhir Chaudhary joins, said, ‘Once Aaj Tak played the extortion video of ‘Vasooli’ Chaudhary’

Ajit Anjum takes a brutal dig at Aaj Tak: Coming out of Zee News, journalist Sudhir Chaudhary has recently joined Aaj Tak News Channel. Taking forward his career as Consulting Editor with the new channel, Sudhir informed everyone by tweeting on July 11.

Sudhir tweeted “Your new destination to follow me. See you soon on Aaj Tak.”

However, on one hand, Sudhir’s supporters are happy to hear the news. On the other hand, many people are questioning the journalism of this person, as well as questioning the intentions of Aaj Tak.

Former Managing Editor of News24 Ajit Anjum wrote on Twitter, revealing the infamous Sudhir Choudhary for the extortion of Rs 100 crores.

Recalling the Chaudhary’s Rs 100 crore extortion incident, Ajit Anjum tweeted in Hindi, “The tape of the sting of ‘Vasuli Chaudhary’ was seen in the meeting of TV editors in Aaj Tak’s office itself. The committee of three editors, including Rahul Kanwal, decided that this is a case of straight blackmailing. In any case, ‘Vasuli Chaudhary’ should be removed from the editorial body. In the same Aaj Tak, he has descended from the palanquin.”

Ajit Anjum takes a brutal dig at Aaj Tak

Anjum added, “This was the first meeting of the TV editors’ body BEA after he was caught in the sting. In the meeting held in the office of News 24, along with the editors of Aaj Tak, there were editors of eight-ten channels. ‘Vasooli Chaudhary’ was called to present his case. Everyone was surprised to hear his arguments.”

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The senior journalist continued, “Then it was decided that a committee of three editors should be formed. NK Singh, Dibang and Rahul Kanwal became members of the committee. Then two meetings were held in the same office of Aaj Tak. Seeing the tapes, the committee found that 100 crores were being demanded. There is no IF AND BUT. It should be removed from BEA.”

Senior journalist Ajit Anjum takes a brutal dig at Aaj Tak

Anjum further wrote in his Twitter thread, “Arnab also came in the first meeting held in NEWS 24 to know the side of recovery Chaudhary. Everyone including Arnab had a clear opinion that this is clearly a case of blackmailing. The last and fourth meeting was also held in NEWS 24 itself. In the presence of the editors of Aaj Tak, it was unanimously decided that he should be taken out of BEA.”

Let us tell you that Sudhir Chaudhary was accused by the then Congress MP and JSPL chief Naveen Jindal of demanding Rs 100 crore from him in connection with the coal scam.

This incident dates back to the year 2012 when a tape of a sting operation against Zee News was shown through a press conference.

According to the information, Naveen Jindal had reconciled with Zee Group chief Subhash Chandra after 6 years in this matter and till now no necessary steps have been taken against Sudhir Chaudhary in this matter.

Even before this incident, Sudhir had run a fake sting operation against a school teacher Uma Khurana in the year 2007, in his initial phase of becoming a journalist. And because of that sting, the innocent teacher had to become a victim of mob violence.

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