Sedition case against actress Aisha Sultana for criticizing Lakshadweep administrator Praful Patel

A sedition case has been registered against actress Aisha Sultana for informing the world about the public sentiment against the Lakshadweep administrator’s administrative reforms. The action was taken following a complaint by the BJP Lakshadweep president. The case was registered at Kavaratti police station.

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The case was registered after the actress described Lakshadweep administrator Praful K Patel as a ‘biological weapon during a channel debate on Monday. It was alleged that while China used the coronavirus as a ‘biological weapon’ against the world, the central government used Praful K Patel as a ‘biological weapon’ against Lakshadweep.

Aisha Sultana said she was referring to Praful K Patel and not to the country or the government. Aisha said in a Facebook post that Covid had spread to Lakshadweep after Praful K Patel’s arrival, Praful K Patel was described as a biological weapon.

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