Sapna Choudhary got furious over the ‘lathi charge’ on the farmers, says – It is sad that farmers have to struggle on the streets

It is going to be almost 11 months since the ongoing farmers’ movement in Delhi. Till now no solution has been found between the government and the farmers on the issue of agricultural laws.

The farmers sitting on the streets are adamant on the demand to repeal all three agricultural laws and enact a law on MSP.

Protests are being organized by farmer organizations in Delhi as well as in other states. Many leaders and veteran personalities of the country have stood in support of the farmers.

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In this case, Haryana’s well-known personality Sapna Choudhary has also expressed anger against the BJP government. She has expressed her opinion on the issue of farmers during her interaction with the media.

Sapna Choudhary said, “my husband and I fully support the farmers’ movement. She said that my husband is always standing with the farmers’ movement. Regarding the agriculture law, she said that ‘kheer’ is being forcefully fed to the farmers, when the farmers do not want the law, then why is it being forced. The government should listen to the farmers.”

“It is very sad to see farmers on the streets. I have come and seen them many times sitting on the streets and protesting. You shouldn’t do all this. A few days back farmers were lathi-charged. All these things don’t look good. Hindustan is ours and the people of Hindustan are also ours. We are all family. If my appeal makes a difference. So I would like to appeal to the government that everything should be fixed as soon as possible.” Sapna Choudhary said.

It is worth noting that before this, no protests has lasted for such a long time under the rule of any government.

Last year, farmers’ organizations of Punjab and Haryana had opened a front against the government, terming the agricultural laws brought by the Modi government as anti-farmer.

During this, the farmer protesters have also faced barbaric action by the police many times which has received a lot of criticism on social media.

But the spirits of the farmers are high. Farmers’ organizations say that until the government does not withdraw the agricultural laws. Till then, they have decided to launch a farmers’ movement.

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