Sambit Patra gets rattled as Congress spokesperson called him ‘Gutter Patra’ on live debate show

Bharatiya Janata Party’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra has once again clashed with the Congress spokesperson in the TV debate. This time he has vented his anger on the anchor. In fact, in News18 India’s debate show ‘Aar-Paar’, Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma used the word ‘Gutter Patra’ for Sambit Patra, on which Sambit Patra got furious and started telling the show’s anchor Amish Devgan that he boycotts his debate show.

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The debate was being held on the main points said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the country. During this, Sambit Patra said about Rahul Gandhi that his friends have made him a ‘Tithari Chidiya’. On hearing this, Congress leaders got furious and said, ‘I brief to Gutter Patra Ji that Rahul Gandhi Ji is the leader of this country. The foundation of your Prime Minister is attached to the name of Rahul Gandhi. So you must apologize.’

Sambit Patra got rattled after listening to Mukesh Sharma and said to Amish Devgan, ‘Amish Bhai you are an anchor, you have a channel and such abuses I receive in your channel and you will put it on air, I object this Amish bhai, you cannot sit helpless, this is not right.’

Amish Devgan silenced both the spokespersons and said, ‘Look Mukesh ji, you are also a respected leader of a party and he is the national spokesperson of the ruling party. Calling someone ‘gutter patra’ doesn’t suit you. Maintain the dignity of the language.’ The Congress spokesperson still did not stop. He was constantly saying that every child of the country knows this name of Sambit Patra.

On this, Sambit Patra said, ‘You write a letter and tell Amish Bhai, you will spoil our title. I am an Oriya boy, we will be called a gutter. Are the Oriya people born of the gutter? You will abuse us like this and we will listen to you. We boycott your debate.

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