Samastipur: Hospital worker asked for bribe in lieu of giving son’s body, helpless parents are now begging

Hospital worker asked for bribe in lieu of giving son’s body: An incident that shames humanity has come to the fore from Samastipur district of Bihar. Actually, here a video is going viral on social media, in which helpless parents are seen begging. They kept begging so that he could take their son’s body from the hospital. Yes… it is being claimed that a bribe of 50 thousand rupees has been demanded by the hospital workers in lieu of giving the body of the son to the parents after the post-mortem.

This incident is being told of June 07 and the Civil Surgeon has constituted a team to investigate the matter. According to the reports, the 25-year-old son of Mahesh Thakur, a resident of Ahar village in the town of Tajpur police station area, had gone missing from the house since May 25. His family members searched for him a lot, but he was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, on June 07, Mahesh Thakur came to know that the body of an unknown youth was recovered by the police in Musrigharari police station area. As soon as he came to know about this, he reached Musrighari police station.

Hospital worker asked for bribe in lieu of giving son’s body

At the police station, he was told that the body had been sent to Samastipur Sadar Hospital for postmortem, then he reached the Sadar Hospital. Here the postmortem employee at first refused to show the dead body. But later after many pleas, the body was shown to Mahesh Thakur. When the body was shown, he identified it as his son Sanjeev Thakur. Mahesh Thakur asked the hospital worker to hand over the body to him. But the hospital worker demanded Rs 50,000 from him in exchange for the dead body.

Hospital worker asked for bribe in lieu of giving son’s body

The compelled father pleaded for the dead body citing his poverty. But Nagendra Mallick, the hospital worker, listen and refused to give the body. In the end, the helpless parents started begging in the street in the afternoon to raise money. Someone made a video of them begging and put it on social media. After this the hospital administration lost its sleep and in a hurry, the dead body was sent to the parents’ house by autopsy.

Civil Surgeon of Sadar Hospital Dr. SK Chaudhary told that the incident of begging by parents to get the dead body has come to the fore. An investigation team has been formed in this regard. He said that the accused postmortem personnel may have asked for money, but they would not have demanded such a huge amount. This is a shameful incident. Action will be taken against the guilty after investigation.

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