Sahil Gehlot killed his live-in partner Nikki Yadav then put her body in fridge to get marry to another woman

In Delhi, a major incident similar to the Shraddha murder has been uncovered. A young man murdered his girlfriend and stored her dead body in the refrigerator of his dhaba. He then married another girl by leading a procession to Mandothi village, Jhajjar. However, before the culprit, Sahil Gehlot (24), could dispose of his girlfriend’s dead body, the Delhi Police Crime Branch arrested him in Mitrau village, following a tip-off.

No one from the girl’s family had filed a complaint with the police in this instance. However, despite the case not being officially registered yet, the police had already apprehended the suspect, Sahil. For the past four years, Sahil and the deceased girl, Nikki Yadav, had been in a consenting relationship. While Nikki had wanted to marry Sahil, he had decided to marry someone else under familial pressure. The police will ascertain on Wednesday, during Sahil’s custody, whether he had intended to dispose of Nikki’s body in the same way as Shraddha’s.

As per the Crime Branch’s Special Commissioner of Police, Ravindra Singh Yadav, on February 10th, ACP Rajkumar from Western Range-1 of the Branch received a tip-off that Sahil Gehlot from Mitrau village had murdered his girlfriend, Nikki Yadav. Following the information, ACP Rajkumar formed a team comprising Inspector Satish Kumar, ASI Krishna, Sanjay, Suresh, and Havildar Rohtash under his supervision.

Sahil Gehlot-Nikki Yadav

Upon checking the complaint of murder and FIR at the relevant police station, the police team found that no complaint had been lodged. Furthermore, the accused’s mobile number was found to be switched off. However, after conducting a comprehensive investigation, ACP Rajkumar’s team managed to arrest Sahil Gehlot, the suspect, near his residence in Mitrau village on Tuesday morning. It is worth noting that the accused comes from a well-to-do and affluent family; his mother is a government teacher, while Nikki’s father owns a large garage in Gurugram.

According to Sahil’s confession, he strangled Nikki Yadav to death with the help of a data cable at 4 am on February 10 and subsequently placed Nikki’s body in the fridge of his Mitrau village dhaba before locking it. The two had become acquainted four years ago at a coaching center situated in Uttam Nagar, where they formed a romantic relationship. On Wednesday, the police will present the accused, Sahil, in court and request to have him remanded into police custody.

During the course of the police investigation, it was discovered that Sahil had kept his relationship with Nikki a secret from his family. Meanwhile, Sahil’s relatives began to exert pressure on him to get marry to a different woman. Eventually, in December of 2022, Sahil got engaged to another girl, and the wedding was fixed on February 9th.

The accused did not tell this to Nikki. Somehow Nikki came to know about this. She started insisting on marrying Sahil. In such a situation, Sahil strangled Nikki to death with a data cable. Keeping the dead body in the fridge of the dhaba, he went to his home and on February 11, after taking the Jhajjar procession, married another girl. Police have recovered Nikki’s body from the freeze.