Sadhguru mocked by foreigners over his claim of female breasts produce different flavour milk for girl & boy child

A video clip of spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru claiming there is a difference in the quality of breast milk by having a male and female twin baby is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Netizens trolling him on Twitter about this statement of Jaggi Vasudev. People are asking Sadhguru the flavour of mother’s milk wheather it’s strawberry and blueberry.

This debate on Twitter will not have a meaningful end, but the result will be that many people will accept Jaggi Vasudev’s statement as true, while in the research of medical science so far, this claim has not been claimed by any doctor of any country.

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Jaggi Vasudev says that if you do not really know what is the level of intelligence of the body then let me tell you that if a woman gives birth to a male child then the test and quality of her milk is different.

If that female gives birth to a female, then the quality of the milk is different. If she gives birth to twins, then the quality of the milk of each breast of the woman is different from the quality of the other breast. Overall, he says that the quality of mother’s milk is different when the baby is male, female and twin.

A Canadian clinical psychologist Jonathan N Stey has posted part of Jaggi Vasudev’s statement along with the viral video clip. Jonathan has written Sadhguru’s name as Spiritual Guru Jaggi Vasudev at the end of his post. Since then, people on social media are taunting the knowledge of Vasudev in various ways.

Itty Ruffle, while replying to Jonathan, Krishnan, Dr. Liver and others, asked in a taunted tone, “Is one regular flavour and the other chocolate?” Another Twitter user Silke has asked while mocking Jaggi, “One strawberry and the other one blueberry of course.”

Taking this debate forward, C Laura has written, “There are 2 butt cheeks. One sweet and one sour. If you lean to one side, your spirit air will be sweet, the other sour. – Me, non-guru.”

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