Russia Won’t Rescue if China Breaches LAC Again: US Dy NSA Daleep Singh warns India

America has warned India that India should not think that if China creates a deadlock on the LAC, then Russia will run to its help. US Dy NSA Daleep Singh said on Thursday.

US Deputy NSA Daleep Singh was on an official visit to India on Wednesday. During this, he made strong remarks about India-Russia relations. After holding a meeting with Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla in Delhi, Daleep Singh said that the US does not want any country to deal with Russia’s central banks amid sanctions.

In fact, since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, India is adopting a neutral policy in this war, while Europe, including America, wants India to support Russia in sanctions and vote against Russia in the UN. All the leaders including Biden have also talked to PM Modi regarding this. Now that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has reached Delhi, he is about to meet PM Modi, where apart from the Russia-Ukraine war, trade can also be discussed, before that Daleep Singh has warned India.

Daleep Singh has been instrumental in imposing sanctions against Russia. He said- “Russia is going to be a junior partner in this relationship with China. I don’t think anyone would believe that if China once again violates the Line of Actual Control, Russia will come to India’s rescue. So this is the context in which we really want democracies around the world and in particular, the Quad to come together”.

US Dy NSA Daleep Singh warns India

US Dy NSA further said that the US would not like to ignore the dollar-based financial system and increase trade with Russia in ruble. He further added that at present the import of Russian energy does not violate any sanctions. Because America has given exemption in this. So India can import it from Russia.

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