Russia-Ukraine War: After tremendous criticism in British media, Indian company Infosys closes its operation in Russia

Infosys closes its operation in Russia: The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is now affecting the operations of multinational companies as well. A famous Indian IT company Infosys has also come in the grip of this war. It has had to take a decision to shutdown its operation in Moscow, Russia.

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Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February, since then US and Western countries started boycotting Russia. Multinational companies of many countries, including the US and UK, had closed their operations in Russia. But because of Infosys not doing so, there was increasing resentment towards it in Britain and Western countries.

Infosys closes its operation in Russia

In the last few days, the Indian company Infosys was being strongly criticized in the UK media. In view of these criticisms, the company has decided to close its office located in Moscow, Russia.

The company has told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper that it has started the process of winding up its operations in Moscow. Employees posted in Moscow, Russia are being sent to other countries.

Let us tell you that for the past few days, there was pressure in the media on Rishi Sunak, son-in-law of Infosys founder Narayana Murthy, for not shutting down company’s work in Russia. He is posted in Britain as Chancellor of the Treasury. The company’s decision to leave Russia is being linked to this.

Let us tell you that after the war broke out between Russia and Ukraine in February, Sunak had appealed to the UK and European companies to leave Russia. But news started appearing in the Russian media calling Rishi Sunak a Hippocrate. The news spread stating that the Infosys company in which his wife is having shares has not closed it’s operation in Russia.

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