‘Rupee is not just currency, it’s the pride of the nation’: BJP MP Varun Gandhi jabs on rupee hitting new low of close to Rs 80

Varun Gandhi, who made his own party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) uncomfortable with his outspoken style, has targeted the Reserve Bank of India on Thursday. Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi urged the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to do everything possible to protect the rupee against the dollar. He said in the tweet, Rupee is not just currency, it is the pride of the nation! Let us tell you that Varun Gandhi is very active on social media and does not miss to target his government on issues like unemployment, inflation.

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While sharing the screenshot of on Twitter, Varun Gandhi wrote, “The falling rupee is affecting the life of every Indian and eroding our self-confidence. Like the soldiers guarding the nation on the borders, the RBI will have to take all possible steps to save the rupee going into the abyss. Rupee is not just currency, it is the pride of the nation! Its our identity!”

Significantly, today the rupee saw a fall of 7 paise against the US dollar and the rupee closed at a record low of 79.88.

Let us tell you that India’s imports will be affected due to falling rupee. Importing anything from abroad will get costly. Significantly, 85 percent of the total oil consumption in India is imported from abroad. Due to the cost of dollars, its effect will be seen on the pockets of the general public.
If the price of fuel increases, then the prices of everyday items will also increase. Such as- milk, vegetable clothes and other items.

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