Ruling Party Wants Courts To Give Decision In Their favor: CJI NV Raman

CJI NV Raman: Chief Justice of India NV Ramana attended a felicitation ceremony organized by Association of Indian Americans in San Francisco, USA on Saturday. On the role of the judiciary in a democracy, he said to the overseas Indians, “We are celebrating the 75th year of independence. Our Republic has turned 72 years old but with some regret I have to say here that we still have not learned to appreciate the roles and responsibilities assigned by the Constitution to every institution.”

He also expressed dismay that even after 75 years people have not understood the roles and responsibilities assigned to each institution by the Constitution.

CJI NV Raman said that the ruling party in India believes that every government action deserves judicial support. Opposition parties expect the judiciary to advance their political positions and cause, but the judiciary is only accountable to the constitution. This situation has arisen due to lack of proper understanding among the people about the constitution and working of democratic institutions.

“It is the wrongly established ignorance among the masses who are coming to the aid of such forces whose sole aim is to destroy the only independent organ i.e. the judiciary. Let me make it clear,” he said.

CJI Raman said, “We need to promote constitutional culture in India to implement the checks and balances stipulated in the constitution. We need to spread awareness about the roles and responsibilities of individuals and institutions. Democracy is about everyone’s participation.”

Referring to Abraham Lincoln, he said that the people of India have done their job remarkably well so far. There should be no reason to doubt the collective wisdom of Indians. Voters in rural India are more active in undertaking this task than their urban, educated and well-doing counterparts.

CJI NV Raman said that both India and the United States of America are known for their diversity, which needs to be respected and taken forward everywhere. CJI Ramana said this is only because the United States respects diversity. All of you were able to reach this country and make a mark through your hard work and exceptional skills. Please remember. It is the tolerant and inclusive nature of American society that has enabled it to attract the best talent from around the world, which in turn is contributing to its growth.

He said that in order to maintain the faith of all sections of the society in the system, it is also necessary to honor the deserving talents from diverse backgrounds.

In the 21st century, we cannot allow small, narrow and divisive issues to control human and social interactions. To stay focused on human development, we have to rise above all divisive issues.

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