Rubika Liyaquat gets befitting reply from her colleague at ABP News

When Rubika Liyaquat of ABP channel came out in support of PM Narendra Modi, she got a befitting reply. Her fellow journalist of the same news channel said, I do not say that PM would not have gone to jail in the struggle. But I can say this with 1000% guarantee that you have not read ‘Sangharman Gujarat’ written in Gujarati. But I read the Hindi translation of 227 pages twice. The entire book is on the Emergency of 1975, there is no mention of 1971 in it.

In fact, the controversy started when PM Modi said during his visit to Dhaka that joining the struggle for the independence of Bangladesh was one of the first movements of my life. I must have been 20-22 years old when I and many of my colleagues had done Satyagraha for the freedom of the people of Bangladesh. Presently, Bengal elections are being held. Therefore, controversy started regarding the PM’s statement.

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Rubika Liyaquat had supported the PM’s tweet, saying that according to you, “Many biographers of PM Modi could not even mention it”. Your pointers may not have said that the PM himself had mentioned it in his book. He wrote in 1978… would not be ashamed to contact @KanchanGupta ji for more information.

Abhinav Pandey her colleague at ABP News, quoting PM Modi’s statement, said that very few people knew this thing. Even many biographers of PM Modi could not mention this.

Rubika Liyaquat was shown mirror image

Abhinav taking a dig at Rubika Liyaquat tweeted, I can say with the claim that all BJP leaders and all enlightened people have not even opened this book. Had they seen, they would not have used this book as a ‘tool kit’. Unfortunately you are also a victim of this ‘tool kit’. He further wrote, I keep reading and writing, I will not need to be ashamed.

Earlier Abhinav tweeted, My Reach is less, Followers are less, so less people will read. The more you read, what you say will be considered true in WhatsApp University and Twitter University. Yet the truth is that PM Modi has not mentioned 1971 anywhere.

He wrote, sorry, was late in answering because he was reading the book itself. Abhinav said, tell me one more thing, Bagga ji, the first indicator of this ‘tool kit’, deleted his tweet. They have come to know that they are quoting the wrong book, because the entire book is on the Emergency of 1975. I am again saying that there is no mention of 1971 in this. Yes, a chapter is definitely on journalism.

Punjab BJP leader Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga had earlier said in the tweet, “Modi ji talked about agitating for the independence of Bangladesh and many traitors, Congressmen, AAPs, sinners got a pain in the stomach . Asking why Modi ji did not speak till today, this book was written in 1978. In which Modi ji mentioned the movement, due to which he had to stay in Tihar Jail. He also tweeted a book page.

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