RTI reply from MHA exposed Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s lie on national media

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement that there are bomb-making factories in every district of West Bengal has been disproved by RTI documents. In a reply to an RTI, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has said that they have no information on the list of bomb factories in West Bengal. The response comes after activist Saket Gokhale filed an RTI regarding Home Minister Amit Shah’s claim that “there are bomb-making factories in every district of West Bengal”.

Shah made the controversial remarks in an interview with CNN-News 18 on October 17, 2020. Following this allegation, Gokhale filed a four-point RTI to MHA’s Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) regarding the claim. Gokhale posted the RTI reply on his social media handles.

RTI reply exposes Amit Shah’s lie

The Home Ministry said in a reply to the RTI request that Amit Shah had not been briefed on the matter and that Shah’s statement was not based on official information.

When asked about the list of bomb-making factories in each district of Bengal mentioned by Amit Shah, the MHA replies that there is no such list.

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When asked if Union Home Minister had shared information about the bomb-making factory with the Bengal police, the MHA replied that there is no information about the bomb-making factory to share.

In his social media post, Gokhale said that he was shocked that the Union Home Minister of India “would openly perpetrate fake news about internal security matters just to malign and insult the state of West Bengal for electoral gains”.

“How can the Home Minister be trusted when he lies openly on record about things,” Gokhale asked in his post.

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