Rift between JDU & BJP: CM Nitish Kumar lashes out at BJP’s speaker in Bihar assembly

A shocking sight was seen in the Bihar Legislative Assembly on Monday. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was furious at Vidhansabha Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha. The CM got so angry that he did not even listen to the speaker and continued to bottle till his words were completed. After a long time, CM Nitish was seen so angry inside the house.

He spoke in the case of alleged insult to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in Lakhisarai. Nitish Kumar said in a very strong tone that every day the same issue is raised. He also said that only after the report of the Committee of Privileges in this matter, he will decide which side is at fault.

Nitish Kumar was so furious at the speaker that he called it a gross violation of the Constitution. He said, “Check the Constitution. I am surprised. When something is being investigated it is its (the police’s) jurisdiction. Na hum kisi ko phansate hai, na kisi ko bachate hain (I neither implicate anybody nor save anybody from punishment). Why are you concerned about the enquiry report? Investigation report goes to the court. It is not submitted in the Assembly. Does the House have the right to know it? Bring out the constitution. Will you run this House in this way?”

Nitish further screamed, “You listen to me. This is not acceptable in any manner. You are asking a question and you are getting the reply. But you are postponing it. Who are you to do so? It means you are openly violating the Constitution. The House will not run like this.”

On this, the Speaker said that “I am the custodian of the MLAs… there should be no talk of discouraging the seat. Why is the government not taking action on it seriously? You people have made me the Speaker of the Assembly.”

BJP and JDU are in a face-to-face position on this whole issue. The Speaker of the Assembly is from the BJP. In such a situation, after Nitish’s displeasure, according to the news, many BJP leaders are also said to be angry. Amidst all this, the opposition has got a chance to take a jibe on it.

RJD said- NDA’s circus!
The rift between the BJP and the JD(U) has provided an opportunity to the Opposition to attack the government. The Rashtriya Janata Dal called the infighting “the NDA circus”.

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