Republic TV founder faces trouble again, Delhi court summons Arnab Goswami in defamation suit filed by Popular Front of India

Arnab Goswami, the founder of the news channel ‘Republic TV’, seems to be in trouble once again. In fact, the channel’s chief editor Arnab Goswami and News Broadcast Standards Association (NBSA) have been summoned by a Delhi court on Thursday in a defamation suit by Popular Front of India over a news report related to the recent Darrang firing incident in Assam. Arnab is accused of spreading fake news with the intention of inciting the audience. Arnab is accused of spreading false news with the intention of inciting the audience.

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As LiveLaw reports, Popular Front of India has cited a news article in the suit with the headline “Darang Firing: 2 PFI Suspects Arrested, Accused of ‘Mob Raising’ for Protest” A news broadcast on September with the headline “Assam Violence Probe: 2 PFI Linked Arrested… Conspiracy Accused… Police Arrested 2 PFI Associates MD Asmat Ali Ahmed and Mohd Chand Mamood” was reported by the channel.

According to PFI, the channel made false and frivolous allegations against the organization with the intention of provoking people and creating prejudice to the image by defaming them. PFI has claimed that the said reports are baseless and have been made without any evidence to substantiate the true facts. Along with this, he has also clarified that the two persons mentioned in the news broadcast are not members of PFI in any way.

PFI has also presented the statement of Darang SP to confirm this, in which he told that the accused arrested in the firing case are leaders of local panchayat bodies and they have no relation with PFI. PFI alleges that Arnab’s channel has deliberately run derogatory news with the aim of defaming our organization.

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