Renowned Bharatanatyam Dancers Devika Sajeevan, Anju Aravind decides not to perform at Koodalmanikyam Temple festival in solidarity with colleague Mansiya

Koodalmanikyam Temple festival: Several dancers have now come forward declaring solidarity with dancer Manasiya, who was denied the opportunity to perform at the Koodalmanikyam dance festival in Thrissur, Kerala. Renowned dancers Devika Sajeevan and Anju Aravind are the ones who have decided not to perform at the Koodalamanikyam temple festival, declaring their solidarity with Mansiya. Both the dancers announced that they would withdraw from the dance program which was to be held on April 24.

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Devika said in her social media post that she is declaring solidarity with all the artistes who face unfortunate issues while aiming to perform. Anju Aravind was harsh in her criticism. She said the committee had allowed Mansiya to enter the final stage and later tried to force her to sign a document saying that she was a Hindu.

She further stated that the decision to avoid other artists for similar reasons also made her decision. Anju also said that as an artist who is aware that art is beyond religion, she cannot propagate there that she is a ‘Hindu’. She further alleged that several artists were denied the opportunity at the last minute citing various reasons after accommodating them in the initial stages.

Koodalmanikyam Temple festival

Dancer Mansiya, who was to perform at the Koodalmanikyam temple festival on April 24, was dropped from the cast after she refused to conform to religion. Mansiya was born Muslim and currently identifies as a person without any religion.

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