‘Ravi Kishan introducing Population Control Bill is like Hitler calling for World Peace’: BJP MP gets brutally trolled on social media

According to reports, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and actor Ravi Kishan on Friday stressed the need for a population control bill. The actor said that he wants to introduce a private member’s bill on population control in the Lok Sabha.

Ravi Kishan said, ‘This is a bill of development. The day it is passed, the nation will fly towards becoming a ‘Vishwaguru’. I am looking at the bill only from the aspect of development and not from the aspect of caste or religion.”

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“It is important to bring India’s population under control,” he said.

He further said, “The way it is growing, we are heading towards a population explosion. I request the opposition to let me introduce the bill and hear why I want to do this.”

However, the Bhojpuri actor’s bid to control the country’s population received an adverse reaction, as people on social media said that he has four children himself.

Senior journalist Manish Chhibber also took a dig at Ravi Kishan. He said, “Irony dies a thousand deaths! BJP MP Ravi Kishan, father of four, wants to introduce a population control bill in Parliament. Anybody having more than two children may be ineligible for government jobs and govt subsidies.”

Aditya Manji Jha, a freelance journalist from Bihar tweeted, “Ravi Kishan has: 1. Four children, 2. The youngest is a son I’m from Bihar, just like Mr Kishan is. I know what happened, Sir! Aapki neeyat ko samajhte hain (I understand your intentions).”

A Twitter user named Anurag wrote: “Ravi Kishan who has 7 siblings and 4 children himself will bring the population control bill. Its like Osama bringing anti terrorism bill.”

Another Twitter handle named Rofl Democracy said: “Ravi Kishan introducing Population Control Bill is like Hitler’s call for world peace.”

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