Ration distributor forcing poor to buy Tiranga for ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’, Varun Gandhi says ‘Shameful to extract price of ‘Tricolor’

Ration distributor forcing poor to buy Tiranga: Poor people are finding it expensive to get this month’s ration in Karnal district of Haryana. If the ration card holders are going to the depot holder to get the ration for this month, then first they are being given a tricolor flag of 20 rupees. Only after that they are getting ration. Many such cases were seen in many places including Hemda village of CM City Karnal on Monday evening. There was oral fight in many places, but even after that many depot operators didn’t give rations to the poor people without the tricolor.

BJP leader Varun Gandhi shared a video showing poor men and women allegedly being asked to pay for a tri-colour before being provided with ration. The video has come to light during the onset of Har Ghar Tiranga campaign launched by the Indian government.

“There are asking us to purchase flags but I want to food. I don’t wish to buy a flag, I don’t have money,” a man can be heard saying in the shared video. Another person supports the claim to suggest that the tir-colour is sold for around Rs 20, “Who comes to avail ration would be made to collect a flag, too. If the ration seeker doesn’t pay for the flag, let not provide them with the ration,” he says.

Ration distributor forcing poor to buy Tiranga for ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’

At the same time, when talks were held with the depot operators regarding this matter, they said that strict instructions have been given by the officers of the department that no ration card holder should be given ration without carrying the tricolor. 20 rupees have already been taken from them in advance by the department for the tricolor flag. Around 168 tricolor flags have been given at each depot.

Ration card holders protested saying that they feed their families by working hard. They have come to take ration by borrowing money from someone. After that the depot holder says that first 20 rupees will have to be paid for the tricolor flag, then only ration will be available.

Ration distributor forcing poor to buy Tiranga for ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’

People said that on one hand the government is pretending to be the benefactor of the poor. At the same time, the government and officials are committing atrocities on poor people in this way. If the government has to get the tricolor installed in every house, then the poor people should have been given the tricolor free of cost.

The message went viral on Sunday

A message by depot holders not distributing rations at ration depots without buying tricolor flags went viral on the WhatsApp group on Sunday. In this, the depot holder has written that all the ration card holders associated with the depot reached the depot with 20 rupees to collect the flag. Wheat for the month of August will not be given to those who do not take the flag.

According to the information received, there are more than 400 ration depots in the district. All these have been made flag distribution centers by the government. If sources are to be believed, 168 flags have been given to each depot by the Food Supplies Department for distribution. They have bought by paying Rs 3200.

People strongly opposed this decision of the government and administration. People said that the officials of the government and administration are insulting the tricolor of the country in this way. Poor people are being unfairly pressurized to take the flag.

People said that if we go to get this tricolor from the market then we get it for 5 rupees and depot holders and administrative officers are charging big money from people in the name of tricolor flag.

When an attempt was made to talk to the officials of the Food Supply Department regarding this matter late on Monday evening, they could not be contacted.

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