Rapper MC Stan’s Indore show cancelled after Karni Sena threatened to destroy stage

Popular rapper and Bigg Boss-16 winner, MC Stan’s show in Indore cancelled after and Karni Sena members threatened to destroy the stage.

According to reports, MC Stan was scheduled to perform at a hotel in the Lasudia police station area of Indore. Prior to the event, he was informed that if he used any derogatory language during his performance, the Karni Sena would oppose it. However, during the concert, MC Stan reportedly did not adhere to the warning and used objectionable language, which led to members of the Karni Sena group reaching the stage.

MC Stan had to abruptly end his show due to the commotion caused by Karni Sena members. The situation escalated to the point where the police had to intervene with their batons. As a result of the Karni Sena’s protests, the hotel management was compelled to cancel the concert.

According to reports, Digvijay Solanki, a member of Karni Sena along with his workers, arrived at the Jordan Hotel located in the Lasudia police station area late at night, where they protested against MC Stan’s concert. The protest created chaos in the hotel and the police had to call for backup from three police stations to control the situation.

Not only this, Karni Sena members climbed onto the stage and even addressed the audience, stating that their organization continues to oppose such objectionable and indecent stage shows. They also made it clear that wherever MC Stan is found, he will face physical violence.

Karni Sena member, Digvijay Solanki, said, “We will not tolerate anything that goes against our culture. We had previously declined such shows. Additionally, Anurag Pratap Singh, the district president, stated, “We had already warned that the use of abusive language would not be tolerated in Indore. However, he did not listen. We protested, and he had to leave the show. What kind of culture are we providing to our children?”

MC Stan is a rapper and singer hailing from Pune. His real name is Altaf Shaikh. Despite growing up in poverty, MC Stan has gained immense popularity among the youth, with his songs trending as soon as they are released. He gained special recognition from his appearance on the reality show Bigg Boss, where he faced both challenges and triumphs, ultimately winning the show.