Rape accused ex-BJP minister Swami Chinmayanand declared absconder by UP court

Former Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Swami Chinmayanand of BJP has been declared absconding. Even after the issue of non-bailable warrant , he did not appear in the court. After this, the court declared Chinmayanand a fugitive by taking action under section 82. Case is going on against Chinmayanand in MP-MLA court.

Now the notice of absconding of Chinmayanand will be posted in the ashram. Even after this, if Chinmayanand does not appear in the court, attachment action can be taken against him under section 83. Now Chinmayanand has to be present in the court on 16 January 2023.

Let us tell that in the year 2011, Chinmayanand’s disciple had filed a case of rape against him. In the case, a case was registered on behalf of Chinmayanand’s lawyer against the girl student and her friends for demanding extortion of five crores.

Since the registration of the case in this matter till 2022, Chinmayanand did not go to court for a single appearance. Therefore, taking this matter seriously, the court had issued a non-bailable warrant against Chinmayanand.

There was an initiative to withdraw the case when the BJP government was formed

After the formation of the BJP government in the year 2017, a letter was written to the magistrate of Shahjahanpur on behalf of the Yogi Adityanath government to withdraw the rape case against Chinmayand. But the Shahjahanpur court rejected this application of the government.

Let us inform you that an LLM student studying in Swami Shukdevanand Law College of Shahjahanpur had accused Swami Chinmayanand of sexual exploitation in a video. Swami Chinmayanand’s trust runs this college.