Ramdev’s Patanjali mustard oil factory sealed in Rajasthan’s Alwar after complaint of adulteration

After the Indian Medical Association (IMA) defamation case of Rs 1000 crore on Baba Ramdev against allopathy, Baba Ramdev has now come under the target of the Rajasthan government. The government has sealed Patanjali’s Khairthal factory in Alwar late on Thursday night on a complaint of adulteration of mustard oil of. Videography of this incident was also done by the District Collector.

Earlier, the edible oil industry organization (SEA) has also raised objections on Patanjali’s Mustard oil company of Baba Ramdev. The organization objected to the company’s advertisement claiming that other brands of mustard oil are adulterated with crude ghani oil. However, the administration has raided the Singhania oil mill and seized the factory after information of packing and adulteration of mustard oil under the brand name Patanjali of Baba Ramdev in Khairthal in Alwar district of Rajasthan.

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A huge amount of packing material of Patanjali has been recovered in the factory. The district administration took this action late Wednesday on the charge of supplying adulterated mustard oil in the name of Patanjali. The Singhania oil mill located in the industrial area on Ismailpur road in Khairthal was raided and the team arrived with heavy contingent sealed the factory. After this, on Thursday evening, the team of the investigation committee reached the factory under the leadership of SDM Alwar Yogesh Dagur. The matter is currently being investigated.

It has been told by the management that Baba Ramdev’s permission to pack Patanjali in the factory has been given. Apart from this, wrappers of another brand Sri Sri Oil brand have also been recovered. Samples of mustard oil, crude ghani and oil extracted from the speller and raw material present in the factory are collected by the food inspectors and team of Ayurveda inspectors. After the report, further action will be taken.

The factory management is prohibited from administering the goods to the gut and Patanjali has been asked to show other documents including permission letter along with oil supply and packing, factory license and packing license . It is being told that a large quantity of mustard oil from Khairthal goes to Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali from this factory. Patanjali sells this oil in the market by imposing it’s brand on it. On the basis of this complaint, District Collector Nannu Mal Pahadia took prompt action and formed a three-member committee under the leadership of Yogesh Dagur, Sub Divisional Officer of Alwar.

SDM Yogesh Dagur said that the district collector had received a complaint of sending mustard oil after mixing it and packing of Patanjali in the factory. After this, the committee examined the factory late at night and seized it so that the goods were not fully corroded. The team has videography, samples have been taken from the food inspectors. The investigation of the case is going on and further action will be taken only after the report of the sample.

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