Ramdev takes U-Turn, says – high petrol prices in national interest, faces public backlash

Patanjali’s owner Ramdev has once again taken u-turn with his statement. Not only this, Ramdev linked the rising prices of petrol and diesel with the national interest. Ramdev said that the price cannot be reduced because the government has to run the government too. This video of Ramdev is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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Actually, Ramdev had opened a front against the government 9 years ago when the UPA government was under the leadership of Congress. During that time the price of petrol was around Rs 60. At that time Ramdev used to say that if black money is brought back to India, then petrol will be available in India for Rs 30 per litre. However, today after the passing of seven years of PM Modi, the price of petrol almost doubled instead of decreasing. Ramdev has already deleted his tweet where this thing was written.

In the viral video, a journalist asks Ramdev that today the price of petrol is increasing, which means black money is increasing further? On this Ramdev says, “Look, I had made some proposals at that time when I started the movement for black money, corruption and system change. There were different types of economic reform programs, I said that if oil is sold according to the rate of crude oil and the tax is reduced, then definitely what I said could happen.”

Ramdev further said that, ‘The way the government has nurtured the entire economy, they have to continue with the social work of the national interest, there are various economic challenges, if the government has to run, then they are not able to remove the tax for this. Sometime this dream will come true, it is expected.

People are slamming Ramdev for his u-turn. Congress veteran Digvijay Singh has said, “What was wrong when I called it a thug nine years ago today?””

Ankit Lal said, “Ramdev is very fast. He told 30 rupees but did not tell that only 300 ml petrol will be available in it.” People on Twitter are calling him the hypocritical Lala Ramdev.

Some of the Twitter reactions:

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