Ramdev on rising fuel prices: “We should be proud, we are contributing something for the country”

Whenever the prices of petrol and diesel rise in the country, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is discussed on social media.

This discussion is about his old statements in which he said that if the government does not collect tax on petrol and diesel, then it can cost up to 35 rupees.

Baba Ramdev made this statement about the prices of petrol and diesel during the Congress rule. At that time, petrol prices in the country had risen continuously to Rs 70 per liter. Baba Ramdev made this statement while opposing this increase in petrol prices.

Baba Ramdev

Petrol prices are now at their highest ever in the country. But Ramdev does not seem to oppose it.

On social media, people are asking why Baba is not saying anything at the rising prices now. People say that Baba should put his point on it

In view of these demands arising on social media, now news channels have started questioning Baba on this.

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But Baba’s answers now seem to have changed. It seems from his answer that he has no problem with rising prices now.

Not only this, he is also appealing to the public to pay more tax on petrol. He argues that by paying more tax, the country will develop and people should be proud that they are giving something for the country.

In an interview to Republic TV, Ramdev said, “With the increase in the price of oil and diesel, a little money will come out of people’s pockets, but this country is also their own. We should be proud that we are giving something for our country ”.

At the same time, in the interview given to News 24, Ramdev even advised people to walk on foot and cycle. Instead of appealing to the government to reduce the price of petrol, he asked the public to find an alternative.

He said that people should start the cycle trend. If there is an office nearby, go by bicycle or on foot ”.

Baba Ramdev in his old statement justified the tax which was being imposed on petrol in his latest statement. He said that tax is necessary to run the country.

Not to forget that the increase in the price of petrol and diesel continued for the 12th consecutive day today. This is the reason why petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter in many cities of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Petrol has become costlier by Rs 3.24 a liter for 12 consecutive days in Delhi, while diesel prices have increased by Rs 3.49 per liter. Petrol is being sold in Delhi today at the rate of Rs 90.19 per liter. The price of one liter of diesel is Rs 80.60.

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