Ram Gopal Varma announces his new film ‘COVID FILES’, says ‘Film will expose the real culprits behind the horrific 2nd wave’

Director Ram Gopal Varma is another name for sensationalism. Varma is known for speaking his mind on any issue whether it’s social or political. On Thursday, He announced that he is making a movie titled ‘Covid Files’.

Verma Himself said this on Twitter. He made a series of tweets by posting some photos on the twitter platform saying the film is being made on the events that were happening in the country during the corona.

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In his tweet, he mentioned that many people died due to the failures of the central and state governments in the first wave and second wave of Covid. The film will expose the corrupt and negligent machine that has been to the loss of millions of lives.

Verma Tweeted, “COVID FILES film will expose the incompetence, carelesssness and corruption in the governance which caused the terrible deaths of lakhs of people.”

Ram Gopal Varma announces film on corona deaths titled ‘COVID FILES’

“COVID FILES film will prove that the real culprits behind the horrific 2nd wave are not the viruses ,but it’s the reckless administrators,” he said.

Ram Gopal Varma announces film on corona deaths titled ‘COVID FILES’

In his third tweet , Varma said, “COVID FILES film will be a political film because it will blatantly expose the realities which will cause immense anger in the voters who are bound to take it out in the next election.” With this, it is undersrstood that verma has got himself involved in a big controversy.

Ram Gopal Varma announces film on corona deaths titled ‘COVID FILES’

Let us tell you that images and videos of Covid dead bodies being thrown into the Ganga river in UP created a sensation last year. On this, the government claimed that the opposition parties and the media have done all this to make them a part of criticism. But it is known that many people have died due to covid. In this background, it has to be seen who will be targeted by Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Covid Files’. Especially if it is the Narendra Modi government at the centre..or else it has to be seen whether he will target the Yogi government in UP.

This year, the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’, which was made on the massacre of Pandits in Kashmir in the 1990s, has been popular among the right wing audience. Now the same director has announced that he is making the movie ‘The Delhi Files’ in the background of the riots in Delhi against the CAA.

Now RGV has created attention for his movie titled ‘Covid Files’ in the same way. Ram Gopal Varma has announced many movies in the past. 

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