Rajiv Bajaj says “blacklisted three channels for advertising, we don’t endorse toxicity”

Mumbai police have busted a racket that altered the TRP of television channels. The news channels which Mumbai Police have found altering are Republic news channel as well as Marathi and Box Cinema channels.
This made, Bajaj Auto chief Rajiv Bajaj to take such a crucial decision regarding the ban of channels. Bajaj has informed that three channels are blacklisted for advertisements. However, the company didn’t mention the name of those channels.

Our brand cannot be associated with any suspected brand: Bajaj

In a conversation with CNBC-TV 18, Bajaj said that his company’s brand has never been associated with anything that he felt was hate-mongering for society. He said that a robust brand is a foundation on which you build a robust business. Bajaj told Business Channel that we are clear about this that our brand can never be related to those brands or any institute about which there’s any doubt. However, he did not mention the names of those three channels.

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Described these channels as harmful to society

Describing blacklist channels as harmful to society, Rajiv Bajaj said that we are very clear that our brand will never be associated with anything that serves to spread poison in our society. Let us know that in the case of fake TRI, the Mumbai Police has registered an FIR against Arnab Goswami’s channel Republic TV against Fakt Marathi and Box Cinema. Many people have been arrested in this case and that is the reason Bajaj Auto has taken this decision.

Mumbai Police soon to bust fraud TRP racket
The Mumbai Police has claimed to possess busted the racket of fraudulent TRPs. Mumbai commissioner Paramvir Singh made a sensational claim that he has busted a fake TRP racket. He said the fake TRP racket was underway. Mumbai Police has said that each one of three channels, including Republic TV, are being investigated for TRP Manipulation. 2 people are arrested during this manipulation of TRP.

Few other big companies may pull their hands from advertising these channels
It is believed that within the coming time, other big companies can pull their hands from advertising these channels. However, many companies are working on it right now. According to the Mumbai Police, this TRP fraud business is worth 30 to 40 thousand crores. If this action of the Mumbai Police is correct, then in the coming times, these companies may have to lose a large part of their advertising revenue.

The statement came out on a business news channel as part of the fallout of the press conference by Param Bir Singh, Police Commissioner, Mumbai Police, on the Television Rating Point (TRP) scam.

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