Rajasthan: 9-year-old dalit boy beaten to death by school teacher for touching water pot of upper caste

Dalit boy beaten to death: India is completing 75 years of its independence, but the society still has not got freedom from untouchability. This evil of caste discrimination and untouchability in Jalore, Rajasthan has killed an innocent Dalit child of 9 years.

The case is of Surana village of Sayla subdivision area of ​​Jalore district. Here, when a 9 -year -old child touched the school pot to drink water, he was beaten so much by the school teacher that his ear vein was torn. After this, the child was referred to Udaipur for treatment and then sent from Udaipur to Ahmedabad. The child died during treatment around four in the evening in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

In this case, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has tweeted and said, “The death of the student is sad due to the assault by a teacher in a private school in Sayla police station area of ​​Jalore. A case has been registered against the accused teacher under the sections of murder and SC/ST Act. It has been taken in the case officer scheme for a rapid investigation of the case and the convict soon. The victim’s family will be ensured to get justice as soon as possible. A assistance of Rs 5 lakh will be given to the family members of the deceased from the Chief Minister’s Assistance Fund.”

9-year-old dalit boy beaten to death by school teacher

Jalore police say that the responsibility of investigating this entire case has been entrusted to Jalore CO. The police reached the spot and took stock of the situation. The Education Department of Rajasthan has constituted an inquiry committee in this matter. While Jalore SP Harshvardhan Aggarwal has taken information about the whole incident by going to the deceased’s house.

The incident is of Saraswati Vidya Mandir School in Surana village on 20 July. Where the school’s director Chail Singh beat him up after touching the matka of a Dalit child studying in the third grade. Not only this, the child was also humiliated with caste words. In this case, the police have registered a case of murder of the student after humiliating and assaulting the word caste. It is being told that the student drank water from the matki who was kept separately for the teacher Chail Singh. The beating of the child caused internal injuries in his right ear and eye.

9-year-old dalit boy beaten to death by school teacher

After the incident of assault with a Dalit child and his death, politics has also started on it. Dalit leader and Bhima Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad alias Ravana has tweeted about this and said- The country is celebrating the nectar festival of independence. On the other hand, on touching the water pot, it was beaten so much that life was lost. Even after 75 years of independence, a 9 -year -old Dalit child had to suffer casteism in Jalore. We do not even have the freedom to touch the water pot, then why are we falsely beating the false freedom?

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