Ragini Nayak hits out BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia with ‘Angrezo ke Najayaj’ jibe

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia and Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak are often seen at odds with each other in news channel debates. Along with presenting the side of their party, both the spokespersons keep making personal comments on each other. During the debate of one such news channel, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia told the Congress spokesperson ‘not to sing dirty rags here’. On which the Congress spokesperson shuts him down with ‘descendants of Hitler’ jibe.

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During the debate in Aaj Tak news channel’s program ‘Halla-Bol’, when Congress spokesman Ragini Nayak asked BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia to name three schemes of UP government, to which Bhatia had no answer.

Bhatia only had to say that Ragini don’t sing dirty rags. To which Ragini Nayak replied, “the descendants of Hitler who have come to rule India…come and sit here like a Rattu Popat. Ragini asks Bhatia to talk about the work his government has done. But, Gaurav Bhatia was repeating the same thing again and again saying that Ragini don’t sing dirty rags. After this Gaurav Bhatia started complaining the anchor that she should be removed from the debate.

Along with this, Ragini went on to say that these illegitimate children of the British (angrezo ke najayaj aulade) keep ranting Italy – Italy. After which Gaurav Bhatia started calling Ragini Nayak as an idiot and said that there are illegitimate children in Congress too? Shut them down.

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