Queen Elizabeth-II may appoint the new PM of Britain in Scotland, this will be the first time in history

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth-II may visit her residence in Balmoral Castle, Scotland. It has been informed in media reports that Queen Elizabeth may organize a traditional ceremony to appoint the newly elected leader as the Prime Minister of the country.

Queen Elizabeth-II, 96, is facing age-related problems. She is spending her annual summer vacation in Scotland.

A leading British newspaper has claimed in its report that a secret plan has been devised for the Queen to receive the newly elected leader at Balmoral Base instead of traveling to Buckingham Palace in London or Windsor Castle in southeast England. . Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak or Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are face to face in the race.

The new leader of the Conservative Party will be elected on 5 September and will be followed by a meeting with the Queen at 10 Downing Street the day after Boris Johnson’s successor is formally appointed.

The report said a final decision in this regard will be publicly announced next week, as advance notice is needed to outgoing and newly elected prime ministers.

This will probably be the first time that the Queen’s hand has been kissed by the leader of the majority party in Parliament outside London or Windsor. The report quoted a source as saying that the Queen has now been advised not to travel.

“Even when the Prime Minister can easily reach Balmoral, traveling a thousand miles to and from the Queen may not be a good option,” the source said.

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