Puja Bhatt slammed Aaj Tak anchor Rohit Sardana for his “Go to Pakistan” statement to a Muslim man

Politics was already happening about the farmers’ movement, now people have started looking for Hindu and Muslim angels as well. A video is going viral on social media in which Aaj Tak anchor Rohit Sardana is reading the messages of the people. When a Muslim addressed PM Modi as ‘Your leader Modi’ in his question, Rohit replied that if Modi is not your leader then get out from the thin lane.

In the video, Rohat Sardana reads a question that asks, “If the farmer is Khalistani, why doesn’t your leader Modi put them in jail?” After this Sardana said, “First thing Shaukat Ali, Modi is also your leader. If not, then take a thin lane and go to Pakistan. Secondly, I have never said that the farmer is Khalistani but if someone is hoisting the Khalistan flag under the guise of the farmers’ movement, will he catch it or not.”

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Sardana did not stop here, he even termed Shaukat as anti-national during the show. The anchor said, “Just as you were allowed to raise anti-national slogans under the guise of Shaheen Bagh, should allow them to raise here also?”

After this threat by Rohit Sardana to a Muslim man to leave India and go Pakistan during a live show. He is being heavily criticized on social media.

Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt has reacted sharply to this and questioned Aaj Tak and channel owner Arun Puri.

She tweeted the video of Sardana and wrote, “Can a journalist representing India Today Group say, ‘take a thin lane and get out from India’ “? Arun Puri how is this justified? Who gave this man the right to ask someone to leave the country? This is sad such abusive language cannot be allowed ”.

While tweeting his video, Prateek Sinha wrote that if the person belongs to a particular community, that is why such language is being used for him.

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