Protesting farmers thrash BJP MLA, tear his clothes in Punjab’s Muktsar

There is resentment among farmers across the country against all three agricultural laws. At the same time, BJP leaders and public representatives in Punjab and Haryana are facing a lot of people’s anger. On Saturday, BJP MLA Arun Narang succumbed to the anger of angry farmers in Abohar, Punjab. Angered by the three laws passed by the central government, people attacked BJP MLA Arun Narang in Malot area. Arun Narang’s clothes were completely ripped off in this attack. However, the police somehow saved him from the violent mob.

BJP MLA thrashed by protesting Farmers’

A press conference was called by the BJP against the state government on the completion of four years of the Congress government in Malot area of ​​Punjab. Many more BJP leaders, including Abohar MLA Arun Narang, were going towards the Malot office. However, the farmers were already waiting for the BJP leaders outside the office. As soon as Narang got out of his car, angry farmers surrounded him and threw ink on him.

However, MLA Arun Narang took BJP workers and policemen to a nearby shop. Later, as Narang came out of the shop, people surrounded him and attacked him. Arun Narang’s clothes were completely ripped off in this attack. Later, the police rescued Narang from the raging crowd, but despite this, some people continued to abuse and beat him. Apart from Arun Narang, few other leaders had to face the wrath of the crowd. Not only this, angry people also attacked the BJP office.

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In view of the farmers’ protest, the BJP also had to cancel its press conference. According to the information received, a senior police officer has also suffered minor injuries in saving Narang. Let the BJP leaders in Haryana and Punjab have been facing the wrath of the people since the passing of the Agriculture Act. Recently, the meeting of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had to be canceled in Karnal, Haryana due to the demonstrations of farmers. Not only this, his helicopter also could not land at the venue. While Karnal is the home district of Manohar Lal Khattar.

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