Protesting Farmers Surrounded BJP Leaders in Hotel, BJP Leaders Somehow Escape Via Backdoor

Punjab-Haryana farmers continue to protest against the new agriculture law. The central government tried to negotiate several times but farmers are adamant on the demand to withdraw the new law. Meanwhile, farmers surrounded BJP leaders in a hotel in Phagwara in Punjab, due to which they had to run through the back door. During this, the protesting farmers also made serious allegations against the local BJP leader.

Farmers surrounded hotel

In fact, a group of BJP leaders organized a program in a hotel on the birth anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Phagwara, Punjab. The program started during this time, the farmers associated with the Indian Farmers Union (Doaba) reached there and surrounded the hotel and started demonstrations. Seeing the seriousness of the case, the leaders immediately sought help from the police. The police team reached the spot, somehow stopping the farmers and took out the BJP leaders from the back door.

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At the same time, District President of BJP Women’s Unit Bharti Sharma arrived at the hotel with many leaders to attend the event, but the protesters did not allow them inside. The protesters alleged that the hotel belonged to a BJP leader who runs a company there. This company supplies cattle and chicken feed. They have asked for boycotting the products of the BJP leader’s company. At the same time, another farmer leader said that BJP leaders were plotting to weaken the farmers movement. Because of which they were protesting there.

Farmers moved along the Singhu border

The farmers’ movement has been going on for the last one month. The farmers of Punjab-Haryana traveled to Delhi, but they did not get permission to protest near Ramlila Maidan and Parliament House. In such a situation, they have kept a front on all the borders of Delhi including the Singhu border, Chilli border. The farmers have made it clear that they have brought one year’s ration, in which case the protest will continue till the government does not accept their demands.

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