‘Producers are ready to produce Gujarat Files, will PM allow release of the film?’: Filmmaker Vinod Kapri ask Narendra Modi

Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is being discussed everywhere. People are very much liking this film. Some people are also strongly opposing this film. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also given his reaction on this and said that people should not run away from the truth shown in the film. Through The Kashmir Files, an attempt has been made to portray the painful story of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir Valley. Now Bollywood director Vinod Kapri has announced that he is going to make a film on Gujarat riots named ‘Gujarat Files’. He has asked PM Modi if he will allow the release of the film.

Vinod Kapri has tagged PM Modi in his first tweet and wrote, “In the name of Gujarat Files, I am ready to make a film based on facts, on the basis of art and your role will also be mentioned in detail in it. .” The tweet further read, “Will you assure me in front of the country today that Narendra Modi Ji will not stop the release of the film?”

In the second tweet, Vinod Kapri has written, “After this tweet of mine, I also had a talk with some producers. They are ready to produce #GujaratFiles. All they need is the assurance that the freedom of expression that the Prime Minister is talking about now, should give the same assurance for this film as well. Both these tweets of Vinod Kapri are becoming increasingly viral.

Let us tell you that Vinod Kapri has made this tweet on a tweet containing a video of the Prime Minister, in which he is seen reacting on the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. In this video, the PM is seen saying, “People who always raise the flag of freedom of expression are restless. Instead of reviewing on facts, the campaign is being been run to discredit it. The film has shown the truth which has been suppressed for years. Those who have problem with what is being shown in the movie should come out with their own version of the facts. Truth should be brought in the right form before the country. The truth prevailed in Kashmir Files.”

Vinod Kapri has made films like Miss Tanakpur Hazar Ho and Pihu. Vinod Kapri’s name remains in the headlines due to his controversial tweets and statements. During the lockdown, he made a documentary named 1232KM, which was well-liked by the people.

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