‘Produce more children else India will be Hindu-less by 2029’: Yati Narsinghanand’s controversial statement

Despite police action in Haridwar Dharma Sansad case, Yati  Narsinghanand, the chief priest of Dasna temple in Ghaziabad, is not deterring from making controversial statements. Once again he has called upon Hindus to produce more children in the coming decades to prevent the country from becoming Hindu devoid.

This appeal to Hindus has been made by Yati  Narsinghanand in Govardhan of Mathura district of UP. He said that mathematical calculations state that a non-Hindu will become the prime minister in 2029. However, he did not elaborate on how he arrived at the date.

“If once, a non-Hindu becomes the prime minister, then in 20 years, this country will become a ‘Hindu-viheen’ (Hindu-less),” he said.  Narsinghanand is currently out on bail in the Haridwar hate speech case.

He said “in order to awaken Hindutva”, a Dharma Sansad will be held in the Mathura-Govardhan region from August 12 to August 14.

Earlier, from 17 to 19 December, Yati  Narsinghanand was arrested for making provocative statements against Muslims in the Religions Parliament held in Haridwar. He was later released on bail. He also gave a controversial statement in one of his programs in Delhi. Apart from this, Yati  Narsinghanand has given provocative statements against the Muslim community many times. Due to his controversial statements, he is constantly in the headlines.

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