Private videos of 60+ Chandigarh University students leaked on social media, 8 students allegedly attempted suicide

The issue of alleged MMS leak of Chandigarh University girl students has become very serious. On Saturday night, university students protested inside the campus. They allege that objectionable videos of many girl students have been leaked. In media reports, information came about some girl students attempting suicide. However, the Mohali police, quoting medical records, claimed that no student had attempted suicide.

SSP Mohali Vivek Sheel Soni said that a student has been arrested after registering an FIR in connection with the incident. According to Soni, the girl had made a video. Later rumors spread that many more videos were also made. Students allege that this student recorded videos of many girl students taking bath. Then sent them to a male friend who put them on the internet. In view of the seriousness of the matter, the Education Minister of Punjab has appealed that the students should remain calm. No culprit will be spared.

Chandigarh University students leaked

According to local media reports, the accused student was making videos for a long time. She sent these videos allegedly made in the bathroom of the hostel to a friend living in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is alleged that the same friend put these videos on social media. When another student of the university saw the video, the matter spread in the campus. Soon the students gathered and their families too. When protests started in the university on Saturday night, the police were called. Even now, heavy police force is deployed in the university campus.

Chandigarh University students leaked

The alleged video of interrogation of the student who is at the root of the entire controversy has also surfaced on the Chandigarh University campus. According to reports, when asked by the hostel warden, she said that she has sent these videos to a boy. She claimed that she did not know the boy. The warden also asked that since when she has been making the video, she did not answer that too. In a video, the student is purportedly saying that ‘a mistake has been made, will not do this again’.

Chandigarh University students leaked

A voice note purportedly by a student of the same campus is viral on social media. This has not been confirmed yet. In this, a girl is saying that ‘a girl has made a video viral. Initially they were saying that there are videos of 4 girls but now it has come to know that videos of 60+ girls have gone viral. D block, C block, B block… Videos of girls of all blocks are being made. The girl who has done this work has kept her locked up. The authorities and the warden are talking about suppressing the matter. We have been pushing since morning. It is being told that the matter should be suppressed.

Mohali SSP Vivek Sheel Soni denied any student attempted suicide. He also denied that anyone was dead. According to the SSP, a student made a video and circulated it. The accused student has been arrested. Police is collecting forensic evidence. The medical records of the students have been taken on-record. Appealing to the SSP, he said that people should not pay heed to any rumours.

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