Prayagraj violence accused Javed Pump’s house demolished by Yogi govt, police force deployed in large numbers

Javed Pump’s house demolished: After the violence that erupted over Nupur Sharma’s statement against Prophet Mohammad on Friday, the UP Police has taken major action on Sunday. UP Police bulldozers Yogi at the house of Javed Pump, the main accused in Prayagraj violence. The process of demolishing Javed Pump’s house with a bulldozer is going on.

Javed Pump’s house demolished

This is the second time that after Nupur Sharma’s statement, bulldozers have been used to demolish the house of the main accused of violence that broke out in different cities of the country. The special thing is that both the cases are from UP.

Javed Pump’s house demolished

Earlier, in the Kanpur violence case, the house of Zafar Hayat Hashmi’s close friend was demolished by the Kanpur administration. Now the work of demolition of Javed Pump’s house in Prayagraj is going on. In view of security, a large number of UP Police personnel are present outside Javed’s house.

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Before the action of the bulldozer in the Prayagraj violence case, the PDA had posted a notice asking all the people living in the house to remove their belongings by 11 am on June 12. In the notice posted on behalf of the PDA, it was said to vacate the house by 11 o’clock in the day on June 12, so that the authority can take its action. This notice was pasted by the PDA at Javed Pump’s house at Saturday night.

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