Prashant Kishore dares BJP to share Full chat after BJP released his ‘clubhouse audio’

A day ago, BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted a post. In this post, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s election strategist Prashant Kishore was talking on audio to a group of journalists regarding the Bengal elections. Prashant Kishore was praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the excerpt of Prashant Kishore’s speech that Amit Malviya tweeted. After this tweet, there was chaos in Bengal politics. BJP leaders publicly said that Trinamool accepted their defeat. Now a day later, Prashant Kishore has given a befitting reply to Amit Malviya’s tweet.

What did prashant kishore say

Prashant Kishore has said in his tweet that if there is courage then BJP should bring out my entire statement. He said that I am happy that the people of BJP take my things more seriously than their leaders. There should be so much courage shown among the people of BJP who cut my words out and present them, that they should bring my whole things to the fore. He has further written that I have said many times before and I am still saying that in the West Bengal elections, the BJP will not be able to cross the hundred mark.

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What did Prashant Kishore say in audio
In the audio that Amit Malviya tweeted of Prashant Kishore, Prashant Kishore says that there are three major issues which are benefiting BJP in this election. First polarization, second anger against Mamata Banerjee government and third Dalit vote. While tweeting this audio, Amit Malviya wrote that TMC has gone too far in the elections. Mamata Banerjee’s strategist also realized later that the club house room was open and this conversation was largely heard by the people of Bengal. After this tweet by Amit Malviya, there was a stir in the politics of Bengal. Every BJP leader started talking about it in the election campaign.

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