Prashant Kishor offers Rahul Gandhi to work for Congress in upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections

Prashant Kishor may join Congress before the assembly elections in Gujarat. PK has offered this to Congress. Recently, in a meeting with the leaders of Gujarat Congress, Rahul Gandhi took everyone’s opinion on this. According to sources, the leaders authorized Congress President Sonia Gandhi to take a decision on this.

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Congress party is out of power in Gujarat for 27 years. In 1995, the party suffered a crushing defeat in Gujarat, after which the Congress could never form the government. In the last elections, there was a close fight between the BJP and the Congress, but the BJP was successful in forming the government.

According to sources, in the Gujarat Congress meeting, some leaders expressed their willingness to work with PK.

PK joined Narendra Modi’s team in 2011. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time. PK has been a part of Modi’s strategy team in the 2012 Gujarat Assembly elections and the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However, after the Lok Sabha elections, there was a separation between the two.

Prashant Kishor has worked with the Congress party in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh and Punjab assembly elections. PK was successful in forming the Congress government in Punjab. He did not get success in UP. PK had revealed in an interview that in UP, Rahul Gandhi agreed with Akhilesh on the advice of close leaders, due to which the party suffered a crushing defeat.

Before the elections to 5 states, Prashant Kishor had met Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi and expressed his desire to join the Congress, but due to lack of consent of the CWC members, he could not join the Congress. During an interview, PK said that he had given some proposals to Rahul Gandhi for change in Congress, about which the matter got stuck.

Prashant Kishor had joined Nitish Kumar’s party JDU on 16 September 2018, after which the party made him the national vice-president. However, he was expelled from the party in February 2020 due to criticism of Narendra Modi. Since then, PK has been trying to find his role in politics.

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