‘Politics used to be for development during Gandhi’s time, now it’s only for power’: Nitin Gadkari feels like “Quitting Politics”

Nitin Gadkari, an important Minister in the Narendra Modi cabinet, says that he often feels like quitting politics because he feels that there is a lot to do in life. This remark made by Gadkari in his hometown Nagpur on Saturday has created a stir in the political world.

At a function organized to honor social worker Girish Gandhi, Gadkari said, “Sometimes I feel that I should quit politics. Apart from politics, there is a lot to do in life.” Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Gadkari said that he believes that politics is for social change but now it has become more of a way to stay in power.

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He has said in Nagpur that during the time of Mahatma Gandhi, politics was for the country, society and development, but now politics is only for power. This is not the first time that Gadkari has made such a statement. But this statement is being discussed a lot on social media. Many opposition leaders are engaged in making his statement viral. Apart from this, common users are also commenting on this statement of Nitin Gadkari.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari feels like “Quitting Politics”

Significantly, Girish Gandhi has been a former member of the Legislative Council. He left Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party in 2014. Nitin Gadkari told the audience that he had always tried to keep “Girish Bhau” away from politics. The Union Minister said, “The politics we are seeing today is 100 percent focused on coming to power. Politics is actually a means of social change, so today’s politicians should work on the development of education-art etc. in the society.” He said, “We should understand what the word politics is. Is it for the welfare of the society and the country or about being in the government.”

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