Political analyst Jitendra Tripathi calls Sambit Patra ‘National Joker’ on live TV debate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Varanasi was discussed on Aaj Tak’s show ‘Dangal’. During the show itself, a heated argument broke out between BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra and political analyst Jitendra Tripathi. While the BJP leader called Jitendra Tripathi the spokesperson of BSP, in response he called Sambit Patra a national joker. News anchor Chitra Tripathi also had to intervene in this debate.

Talking about CM Yogi and PM Narendra Modi in the debate, political analyst Jitendra Tripathi said that they(BJP) are not getting 300 seats anywhere in Uttar Pradesh. They know very well that they will not have more than 80 seats. Whatever are the main issues in Varanasi are being hidden. This Sambit Patra is lying here sitting.

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Political analyst Jitendra Tripathi further took a jibe at PM Narendra Modi and said, “Those who used to talk about making Kashi Kyoto, they have made Kyoto a big junk. Banners and curtains were put up in the way of PM Modi to hide the ground reality. They show good things and have to hide bad things.

Responding to these words of Jitendra Tripathi, Sambit Patra called him the spokesperson of BSP.

On this, Jitendra Tripathi took a jibe at Sambit Patra and said, “You are a national joker anyway, man.” Patra got furious about this and said, “Who has been called. Who is this corrupt person, who is this sold-out journalist? You are a journalist for two pennies and are sold, now listen carefully, don’t shout.”

Apart from Sambit Patra, news anchor Chitra Tripathi was also seen expressing displeasure on Jitendra Tripathi.

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