PM Modi’s wife, Jashodaben was kept in house arrest to stop her from paying last respect to PM’s mother

According to digital news platform TNF Today Prime Minister Modi’s wife Jashodaben had been put under house arrest by the Gujarat police to stop her from attending her mother-in-law’s funeral. It is known that PM Modi’s mother Heeraben Modi had passed away recently.

Jashodaben’s brother Ashok Modi has disclosed this by contacting the TNF Today channel. Giving information, TNF News said that at the time of the death of PM Modi’s mother, Jashodaben Modi was present at her home. When she got the news of the demise of PM Modi’s mother(her mother-in-law), she was very sad. In a hurry she got ready to leave for Ahmedabad with her brother and nephews. But as soon as she stepped out of the house, the Gujarat Police stopped her.

Gujarat Police men surrounded her house from all sides. Police said that orders have been received from above that Jashoda Ben should not be allowed to leave the house. PM Modi’s wife started crying after hearing this. She broke down badly when she was stopped from going to the funeral. But in this moment of agony, the ruthless officials did not allow her to step out of the house.

PM Modi’s wife Jashodaben has also spoken about this to TNF Today. She said on camera, “When my mother-in-law passed away, I wanted to go to Vadnagar. But the government put us under house arrest from Gandhinagar, Mehsana and Unjha police. When I asked why we were being stopped from going to Vadnagar, these policemen replied that we do not know anything, we have orders from above.” She was in tears while narrating this incident.

Now questions are being raised that why did the police misbehave with the Prime Minister’s wife? On whose order she was imprisoned in the house? It is clear that until the Prime Minister himself gives such instructions, the police will not behave like this with his wife. But did the Prime Minister remain so cruel and harsh even in his hour of grief that he ordered his wife to be imprisoned? This question is yet to be answered.

Let us tell you that PM Modi wrote in a tweet after his mother’s death, “I have always felt the trinity in my mother, which includes the journey of an ascetic, a symbol of a selfless Karmayogi and a life committed to values. When I met her on her 100th birthday, she had said one thing, which is always remembered that work wisely and live life with purity.”