PM Modi’s rating falls to new low as India struggles to contain 2nd COVID-19 wave

The people of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the central government may feel that everything is healed, but the truth is that they are suffering political damage from Corona and the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is decreasing.

The American institution called ‘Morning Consult‘ has said that Narendra Modi’s popularity has fallen by 22% since September 2019.

What does ‘Morning Consult’ have to say?
The political survey company says that it started surveying the popularity of the Indian Prime Minister from August 2019. This is the biggest decline since then.

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‘Morning Consult’ says that Narendra Modi’s rating this week was 63%, 22% lower than in April. According to the survey, Modi’s popularity has declined with the increasing outbreak of Corona in metros.

American data intelligence company Morning Consult conducted a survey on Modi’s popularity and the result of the same survey was released on Tuesday.


In this survey too, people’s trust in the government has been reduced in dealing with the epidemic. Only 59 percent of the people surveyed said that the government had done a good job in dealing with the crisis. In the previous wave of Corona, the number of such people was 89%.

There are more signs of the declining popularity of Prime Minister Modi

Not just in Morning Consult’s approval ratings, but the survey conducted by Indian Paulster Ormax Media among urban voters in 23 states shows that Prime Minister Modi’s approval rating was 57% before the second wave, as of May 11, it was 9. % Has come down to 48%. This is the first time Prime Minister Modi’s approval rating has dipped below 50%.

The result of Morning Consult’s survey came at a time when the number of sudden death cases in the villages has increased. Hundreds of corpses are found floating in the Ganges. There are reports of thousands of dead bodies buried in the sand along the Ganges. There have been reports of fever in large number of villages.

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