PM Modi inspects 29 artefacts from Australia, including India’s independence, idols of Lord Shiva and Vishnu

PM Modi inspects 29 artefacts: Australia has returned to India 29 artefacts related to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Jain tradition, which were inspected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a landmark move, Australia has returned 29 antiquities to India, sources said. These antiques are classified into six groups. These objects are very ancient and symbolize Indian history and culture. These include idols of many gods and goddesses, antique ornaments.

These antiques belong to six categories namely ‘Lord Shankar and his disciples’, ‘Worship of Shakti’, ‘Lord Vishnu and his forms’, Jain tradition, paintings and ornaments. It consists mainly of sculptures made of various materials like sandstone, marble, bronze, brass and drawings on paper, the sources said.

These artefacts are known to symbolize tradition mainly in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. It has been claimed that many antiquities were brought back to India during the tenure of Prime Minister Modi.

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