“Plz invest all your money in Adani stocks”: Netizens slam Virender Sehwag after his cryptic tweet on Hindenburg report

Virender Sehwag, a former Indian cricketer, is generating buzz lately due to a tweet he posted on social media. The tweet received a heavy backlash from netizens, who began to troll him. Sehwag is known for his straightforward tweets, which have sometimes resulted in him being trolled. In response to the declining state of an Indian company in the stock market, Sehwag made a tweet that prompted fans to advise him to invest all his money in that stock to save it. However, Sehwag did not mention the name of the company in his tweet.

Sehwag tweeted, “The foreigners can’t tolerate India’s development. This hitjob is a very carefully thought out conspiracy. But try as hard as you can, India will come out stronger.” Netizens quickly picked up on the cryptic nature of the tweet and began to criticize Sehwag.

One user wrote, “India is strong, but Adani has weakened, sir.” Another commented, “How much are you paid for writing this nonsense?” A different user shared a photo of Gautam Adani and wrote, “Don’t let the bravery of this great man go to waste.” Another user said, “If you are a true Indian, then buy Adani shares by investing all your money and give a befitting reply to the whites.” Another asked, “Sir, how many shares of Adani Group do you have?”

The Finance Minister of the Union recently responded to the report by Hindenburg Research and stated that regulators must always be vigilant and work to maintain market stability. She also reported that large companies such as LIC have disclosed their ties to the Adani Group and reassured that the regulators will fulfill their responsibilities.

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It’s worth mentioning that Sehwag also posted a tweet on Sunday asking about the most frightening thing. This tweet also gained significant attention. Sehwag has been known for his bold approach, both on the cricket field and in his commentary and social media presence.