‘Please get up every morning and do what I say’; Mahua’s ‘Three Advice’ to PM Modi

Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra on Monday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “unprofessional behavior”. Mahua’s response came after he made a remark against Mamata. Modi told Mamata not to insult the jawans.
But Mahua’s reply was that he should stop lying first.

“Hon’ble Prime Minister – Please wake up every morning and say the following: Do not lie, Do not spread hatred,
Do not kill,” Mahua said.

Mahua said the BJP, which is exploiting the name of the jawans, is ultimately disrespectful to the jawans.

Narendra Modi blamed Mamata during an election rally. Narendra Modi said that Mamata had forgotten her party’s slogan and was now only pronouncing her name instead. Modi was addressing a rally in Bardhaman.

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Modi said Mamata Banerjee’s government does not respect anyone and does not value even mothers.

Mahua Moitra

Two days ago, a brave police officer from Purnia, Bihar, who had arrived in Bengal on election duty, was beaten to death. The mother who saw his body also died. Didi, isn’t that officer’s mother your mother? Do you know how sincere you are? ” Modi said.

Modi said that Mamata Banerjee was urging her workers to fight against the Union Army.

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