Philippines President threatens citizens who refuse Covid vaccine, says go to India

Philippines President, Rodrigo Duarte, has threatened to arrest those in his country who do not want to get a vaccine to protect against Covid-19, warning that the second wave of Corona will be terrible. Rodrigo said that such people “can go to India or US if they want.”

Rodrigo said in a televised address that the Philippines was facing an emergency and efforts to contain the virus would have to be tripled. Media reports quoted Rodrigo as saying, “Don’t get me wrong. The country is facing a crisis. It’s an emergency. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, I have to get you arrested. We’re already in trouble.” and you are adding to the burden.”

Rodrigo said, “Everyone listening to me, take care not to force me. I have the power to do this. No one likes it. If you don’t get the vaccine, leave the Philippines. If you want, then go to India or America. As long as you’re here you’re a human and you can spread the virus.”

Even before this, Rodrigo has made headlines due to his controversial remarks. The economy of the Philippines is already weak and its situation may worsen due to an increase in corona cases.

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