‘Perform Havan daily to avoid Corona’: BJP MP Hema Malini urges all to perform Havan at home till COVID ends

Actress and BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini claims that an epidemic like corona can be avoided by performing Havan. At the same time, he also said that by performing Havan in the morning and evening, there is no domestic distress. In fact, Hema has claimed that people can avoid coronavirus and other diseases by performing Havan daily at home. This statement of Hema has created a stir on social media.

Hema Malini performed the Havan sitting on the sofa

On the occasion of Environment Day, a video of Hema surfaced in which she is seen doing ‘Havan’ sitting on the sofa. In the video, MP Hema Malini says, “Ever since Corona came, I do it daily, doing Havan daily also purifies the environment.” This video had come to the fore that Twitter users started taunting Hema Malini. News24 has shared this video on social media.

‘As long as there is corona, do Havan every day’

Hema Malini said that, ‘Since ancient times, the practice of performing ‘Havan’ in India has been considered as the right way to purify beneficial and negative forces. Today the whole world is facing a pandemic and environmental crisis, in such a situation, not only on Environment Day, but every day till the end of this pandemic, do ‘Havan’ every day.

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On Hema’s video, people started taking a dig at her. Someone wrote ‘It is a good thing to do Havan, but we should not fall into superstition regarding such a dangerous disease. Because if people could avoid performing Havana, then thousands of saints and saints who lost their lives in Corona would not have died. If the Havan could be avoided, the President would not have gone to AIIMS if he had corona.

At the same time, another user wrote, ‘She has been made MP by the people of Mathura to perform Havan, not to serve the people. 5 lakhs per month is spent on performing Havan. How the people of Mathura have elected her?. Tell me, is the public stupid or not?’

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