‘Perfect Bootlicker’: Anupam Kher gets brutally trolled for crediting Mayawati’s work to Nitin Gadkari

Actor Anupam Kher got trolled for a tweet he made about Delhi-Agra Expressway. The pro-BJP actor described the Delhi-Agra Expressway as an achievement of the Modi government, while this expressway was built during the government of BSP President Mayawati.

Sharing a video of the expressway on Twitter, Kher wrote, “What a delight it is to travel on the Agra-Delhi highway! Such a proud feeling to have world class roads in अपना भारत(Our India)! Thank you @nitin_gadkari ji and your team for your wonderful efforts! The country is changing. Country roads are changing. Jai Ho”

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BSP leader Akash Anand replied to this tweet of Anupam Kher. He wrote, “Anupam Kher Ji, nice that you liked this expressway and its quality, just here you mistakenly tagged Gadkari Ji. This Agra-Noida Expressway was built during the tenure of respected @mayawati Ji. There were strong intentions then, hence quality roads were built, that’s all I have to say.”

It is important to know that Anupam Kher is a big ‘bhakt’ of PM Modi. His wife is also a BJP MP, so his BJP love is evident, but Kher got trolled for giving credit for someone else’s work to the BJP.

In this regard, senior journalist Ajit Anjum while retweeting Kher’s tweet, wrote, “Kher sahib, by now it would have been known that this road was built by Mayawati. It has been running for ten years. You should have this much common knowledge. You have gone so far in devotion(of BJP) that there is zero silence in information. You and Kangana feel that there was nothing in the country before 2014.”

Check out some of the tweets:

Lets us tell you that the construction of the Delhi-Agra Express was started in 2007 during the Mayawati government. This was India’s first expressway where luxurious roads and world class road infrastructure were built. The cost of this project was given more than 10,000 crores. This expressway is one of the big achievements of the Mayawati government.

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