People’s protests started against Taliban in several cities of Afghanistan, several killed!

People’s protest against the Taliban has started in several Afghan cities on Thursday. Along with this, Taliban terrorists have also started crushing these protests. At least three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured in firing by Taliban militants during one such protest in the western Afghan city of Jalalabad, Reuters news agency reported. According to eyewitnesses, the terrorists launched the attack when local residents tried to put up the Afghan national flag at a square in the city.

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Similar protests were reported in Asadabad, Kabul, Panjshir today. In the first signs of popular opposition to the insurgents, the protesters in Asadabad were reportedly waving the national flag after tearing down the white flags of the Taliban. It isn’t clear whether the casualties resulted directly from the firing or the subsequent stampede.

“Hundreds of people came out on the streets,” Reuters quoted a witness named Mohammed Salim as saying. “At first I was scared and didn’t want to go but when I saw one of my neighbours joined in I took out the flag I have at home.”

Taliban descended on chaos

UN Special Envoy for Cultural Rights Karima Bennoun said it was sad that the world had left Afghanistan to a radical organization like the Taliban. The Taliban already have a very poor record on human rights. Its brutal punishment, gender discrimination and systematic destruction of cultural heritage is well known. After the fall of Ashraf Ghani’s government from Kabul, the Taliban have descended into complete chaos.

Have to face cultural destruction

Bennoun said that the Taliban had destroyed the existing heritage in Afghanistan by attacking the museum in 2001. Not only this, he had banned many cultural practices including music. Now it is the moral and legal responsibility of all countries to be equally concerned about the rights of the people living in Afghanistan and to make tough decisions for their work, education and personal liberty. If this does not happen, Afghanistan will face cultural destruction.

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